Free night in Doha

Free night in Doha

Free night in Doha

06-15-2016 Burning points

As explained in last year's post, Marriott Megabonus always offers a great opportunity to increase earnings when staying at Marriott properties. For us, $500 spent on a short stay at Marriott Marquis San Francisco resulted in enough points for a free night in Doha next year!

Here’s how we did it:

Earning: 11,250 points after spending $500

We leveraged the Megabonus promotion during a recent trip to Boston and San Francisco. Our short stay at Marriott Marquis San Francisco cost $500 and earned us 11,250 points.

  • 5,000 base points = $500 * 10 points/$
  • 5,000 bonus points = $500 * 10 points/$ (Megabonus)
  • 1,250 elite bonus points = 5000 base points * 25% (Gold Elite)
  • ⇒11,250 points earned

Burning: 10,000 points for a night worth $173

We used American Airlines Aadvantage miles to book a reward trip on Qatar Airways with a 21 hour stopover in Doha. Of course, we needed to find a place to stay for this rest stop! A search on showed that the Doha Marriott was a great deal using points; giving a value of 1.73 ¢/point. This is more than double the average 0.84 ¢/per point value that we estimate for Marriott Rewards (see our Marriott Rewards Program Guide for more details).

  • Room rate: $173
  • Points needed: 10,000 points
  • ⇒1.73 ¢/point

Summary: An impressive 35% cashback!

We realized a return of 35%, by getting a reward night worth $173 after only spending $500. This is an excellent example of how you can maximize value by combining smart earning and burning of hotel points.

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