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This chart shows the cashback percentage for Club Carlson by elite level. It shows what you earn back in Gold Points value as a share of dollars spent on paid nights. Invert the percentage to calculate the average number of paid nights required for one free reward night at the same property. E.g., at “Red” level, 1 / 7.6% or 13 nights are needed to earn one free night at a similar hotel.

The Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card offers instant Gold status. Credit card holders receive 10 bonus Gold Points per dollar spent at Club Carlson hotels. This equals an extra cashback of 3.8%.


Club Carlson offers 20 base Gold Points per dollar spent. Silver members get a 15% point bonus, Gold members a 35% bonus and Concierge members a generous 75% bonus. Additional benefits are offered to members with higher by elite level, such as discounts on food and beverages and benefits during a stay such as complementary upgrades. These are described in full on the Club Carlson Member Benefits page. Gold points are earned on the room rate and on food and beverage expenses. The same earning rate applies to all Club Carlson brands.

The Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card offers 10 bonus Gold Points per dollar spent.


This chart shows the value of a Gold Point by hotel category. Value is expressed in ¢ (U.S. dollar cent) and calculated as average non-refundable room rate divided by number of points needed by hotel category. An overview of all hotels by category and region can be found on the Club Carlson Hotel Directory page.

The weighted average value across all hotels is 0.38¢ per point. This means that 10,000 Gold Points have an average value of $38. The point value is relatively similar across all Club Carlson hotel categories (this became the case following significant category changes in 2015).

Visit the brands site for more information on their hotels

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Club Carlson members can qualify for higher elite levels by completing a certain number of “nights” or “stays” within a calendar year. To reach “Silver”, a member must complete 15 nights or 10 stays. To reach “Gold”, a member must complete 35 nights or 20 stays. For top-level “Concierge”, 75 nights or 30 stays are required. These requirements include stays paid by points and part points and cash. Club Carlson does not offer lifetime status.

Nights earned during a calendar year in excess of those required for elite status are considered “Rollover Nights”. These will automatically be applied for maintaining or increasing elite status for the next year. Read more about this on the Club Carlson Member Benefits page.


Club Carlson has 7 brands with an overall average star rating of 3.4 stars across around ~1100 hotels.

Country Inn & Suites has 2.6 stars and is Club Carlson’s largest brand. Park Inn and Radisson both have an average rating of 3.6 stars. Park Plaza is a rather small brand with an average rating of 4.0 stars. Radisson Edwardian and Radisson Blu are the high quality brands with more than 4 stars on average. Quorvus is Club Carlson’s 5 star brand but only has a few hotels (it was only added to the group in 2014).


Club Carlson has its main presence in North America and Europe with ~580 and ~310 hotels respectively. There are another ~120 hotels in Asia. Club Carlson is small in the other regions.

In North America, Country Inn & Suites and Radisson are the main brands. None of the higher quality brands are present. In Europe and Asia, Club Carlson has more presence with higher quality brands such as Radisson Blu, Radisson Edwardian and Park Plaza. In Asia coverage is focused in a few countries and is particularly strong and growing in China, Thailand and India (Country Inn & Suites and Radisson hotels are the main brands).


Club Carlson has 7 hotel categories. After the category changes in June 2015, the average number of points required by reward night increased to ~33.8K Gold Points.

Category 1 hotels only require 9K points and category 2 hotels 15K points, but they are limited in number. “Middle categories” 3, 4 and 5 make up the largest share of Club Carlson hotels. Since the 2015 category changes, Category 6 got rather small, while Category 7 got substantially larger. Rooms at category 7 hotels require 70K,000 points., Consult the full list of hotels by category on the Club Carlson Hotel Directory page.

Many hotels also offer a higher category “premium” room for an additional 50% of the points value. It is also possible to use less points by combining points with cash payment, known as a “points + cash” award.

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