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This chart shows the cashback percentage by elite level in the Hilton HHonors program. It shows what you earn back in Hilton points value as a share of dollars spent on paid nights. Invert the percentage to calculate the average number of paid nights required for one free reward night at the same property. E.g., at “Blue” level, 1 / 7.3% or 14 nights are needed to earn one free night at a similar hotel.

The Hilton HHonors Surpass card from American Express offers instant Gold status in the HHonors program. Credit card holders receive 12 bonus points per dollar spent at Hilton hotels and earn an additional 500 points per stay. This results in a total credit card bonus of 13 points per dollar spent and equals an extra cashback of 6.3%.


The number of points earned at HHonors portfolio hotels depends on both the hotel brand and the member’s elite level. At the higher and mid-level brands members earn 10 base points per dollar spent, on room rate and food and beverage. At Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites the same 10 points per dollar are earned, but only on room rate. And the budget brand Home2 Suites awards only 5 base points per dollar, on room rate only. On top of the base points, Silver elite members earn a 15% bonus, Gold members 25% and Diamond members 50%. In addition Gold and Diamond members can choose to earn a point per stay bonus at most brands. Read more about it in the “Elite Amenity” section below.

Elite members also receive additional benefits during hotel stays. These are generally regarded as some of the most generous of any hotel loyalty scheme, and include upgrades and free breakfast from Gold level, and executive lounge access for Diamond members. Full details can be viewed at the HHonors member benefits page.


This chart shows the value of a HHonors point by hotel category. Value is expressed in ¢ (U.S. dollar cent) and calculated as average non-refundable room rate divided by number of points needed by hotel category. Note that Category 1 and 2 hotels have been excluded due to their limited number. An overview of all hotels by category and region can be found on the Hilton Hotel locations page.

The weighted average value across all hotels is 0.48¢ per point. This means that 10,000 HHonors Points have an average value of $48, with the best value of more than 0.5¢ per point being found in the lower priced Category 3 and 4 or the top end Category 10 properties.

Visit the brands site for more information on their hotels

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Hilton HHonors members earn elite status after making a certain number of “nights” or “stays” within a calendar year. To reach “Silver” status, a member must complete 10 nights or 4 stays. To reach “Gold”, a member must complete 40 nights or 20 stays. For top-level “Diamond” status, 60 nights or 30 stays are required. These requirements include stays using HHonors points.

Hilton also offer lifetime Diamond status for their most frequent members. This can be achieved after 10 years of earned Diamond status (these do not need to be cumulative), and 1000 paid stay nights.


Hilton offer an elite amenity for mid and upper tier members. Gold and Diamond members can choose to earn a 1,000 point per stay bonus at most brands, reduced to 750 points at Garden Inn, 250 points at Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites, and only 100 points at Home2 Suites properties.

Diamond members earn a higher rate of 2000 points per stay at Grand Vacations properties (offered in lieu of other Diamond benefits not available) and 1000 points at Embassy Suites.


The HHonors brands have an overall average star rating of 3.0 stars across around 4300 hotels.

The low end brand Hampton Inn is the largest in the portfolio, and has an average of 2.5 stars. Homewood Suites is slightly higher at 3.0 stars and Garden Inn has 3.1 stars. Doubletree aims slightly higher and offer an average of 3.6 stars and the Hilton brand 4.1 stars. The luxury brands are Waldorf Astoria and Conrad; these naturally have much fewer properties, but offer an impressive 4.7 and 4.9 star average respectively. Note that new brands Canopy and Curio are not included as they are still to be added to our database.


Hilton has a strong focus on the North America region, with around 3800 of its 4300 hotels located there. They also have good coverage in key locations in Europe and Asia, with midrange Hilton and Doubletree Tree hotels in particular, and the high end Conrad and Waldorf Astoria in some leading cities. There are some properties from the lower valued brands, though coverage is much weaker than in North America, Hilton has only a few properties in South America, Africa and Oceania, and is certainly not considered strong in those regions.


Hilton hotels are split over 10 categories. The average number of points required by reward night is 30K. Hilton is unusual in that they use seasonal pricing for hotel rewards. The lowest categories of 1 to 3 remain the same year round, at 5K, 10K and 20K points. Seasonal pricing starts with category 4 ranging between 20K and 30K in low and high season. This continues up the top level category 10 properties which require 70K to 95K points. It is also possible to use less points by combining points with cash payment, known as a “points and money” award.

There are very few hotels in the lower two, and highest two, categories. The midrange category 4 and 5 make up the bulk of the portfolio. It should be noted that a major category restructuring took place in 2014, and Hilton has regularly been adjusting properties between categories since then.

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