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This chart shows the cashback percentage for IHG hotels by elite level in the IHG Rewards Club program. It shows what you earn back in Rewards Club points value as a share of dollars spent on paid nights. Invert the percentage rate to calculate the average number of paid nights required for one free reward night at the same property. E.g., at “Club” level, 1 / 6.8% or 15 nights are needed to earn one free night at a similar hotel.

The IHG Rewards Club Select Credit card offers instant Platinum status in the Rewards Club program. Using the card awards an extra 5 bonus points per dollar spent at hotels. This gives cardholders an extra cashback of 3.4%.


At most IHG brands (all except Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites) members earn 10 base points per dollar spent, on room rate and food and beverage. At Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites only 5 base points per dollar are earned.

On top of the base points, Gold elite members earn a 10% bonus, Platinum members 50% and top-level Spire member a 100% bonus. Every year, Spire members can receive a 25,000 bonus point bonus or upgrade a friend to Platinum status (not included in our calculations). Elite members also receive additional benefits during hotel stays. These offer less guaranteed benefits than many of the other major hotel chains, but include room upgrades, late checkout and free internet. Read more about this on the IHG Elite Benefits page.


This chart shows the value of a Rewards Club point by hotel category. Value is expressed in ¢ (U.S. dollar cent) and calculated as average non-refundable room rate divided by number of points needed by hotel category. You can use the IHG Reward Nights Reservation page to find out point requirements for reward nights.

The weighted average value across all hotels is 0.68¢ per point. This means that 10,000 Rewards Club Points have an average value of $68, with the best value of 0.92¢ and 0.85¢ per point being found in the lowest two categories.

Visit the brands site for more information on their hotels

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Elite status is offered in IHG Rewards Club after members stay a certain number of nights or earn a certain number of base points within a calendar year (there is no qualification based on total numbers of “stays” as is common with several other hotel chains). To earn “Gold” status, a member must stay 10 nights or earn 10,000 points. To reach “Platinum”, a member must stay 40 nights or earn 40,000 base points. For “Spire” status, 75 nights or 75,000 points are required.


IHG has 8 distinct brands with an overall average star rating of 3.0 stars across around 4800 hotels.

The lowest rated is the US focused Candlewood Suites, with an average rating of 2.0 stars; followed by the largest brand in the portfolio, the globally represented budget business focused Holiday Inn Express with an average of 2.6 stars. Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza provide the mid to upper range of the portfolio, with the only luxury hotels being the InterContinental brand, with a rating of 4.6 stars on average. The Explore IHG hotels page offers an overview of all hotels by brand and region.


IHG has a strong focus on the North America region, with around 3600 of its 4800 hotels located there.

Europe and Asia are also well covered with a similar split of the main IHG brands (not including Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites). There are few properties in South America, Africa and Oceania, though again these are well split between the different brands. An overview of all hotels by region can be found on the Explore IHG hotels page. The IHG Interactive Map offers a map view of all IHG hotel locations.


In terms of points redemption rates, IHG hotels are split over 9 categories. The average number of points required across all properties is 20.5K.

Over half the portfolio is made up the lower end three categories requiring 10K, 15K and 20K points per night award. There are very few hotels in the upper three categories, requiring 40K-50K per night; many of these are the luxury InterContinental brand hotels.

It is also possible to use less points by combining points with cash payment, known as a “points and cash” award.

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