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This chart shows the cashback percentage for Starwood hotels by elite level in their reward program “Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG).” It shows what you earn back in “Starpoints” value as a share of dollars spent on paid nights. Invert the percentage rate to calculate the average number of paid nights required for one free reward night at the same property. E.g., at “Preferred” level, 1 / 4.4% or almost 23 nights are needed to earn one free night at a similar hotel.

The SPG American Express Card offers a bonus of 2 Starpoints per dollar at SPG hotels. Note that there is no automatic status given (as many other chains offer), but card holders are given 5 nights credit towards elite status.


SPG awards Starpoints on hotel spend at a rate of 2 points per dollar spent. Points are awarded at this same rate at all brands. On top of the base points, Gold and Platinum elite members earn a 50% bonus. With 75 nights stay this Platinum bonus increases to 100%. An elite amenity is also offered which varies by brand.

Elite members also receive additional benefits during hotel stays. Benefits include room upgrades, late checkout and free internet. The top level of Platinum gives executive floor benefits. After 75 nights, “Platinum 75” status offers the unusual “Your24” benefit, which allows members to check out 24 hours after they check in.


The average value of points across all properties is 2.18¢ per Starpoint; one of the highest values amongst the chains. This means that 10,000 points has a value of $218.

Hotels are split into nine categories (by average value) for redeeming Starpoints for free nights. Value is best at the lowest end Category 2 where 1 Starpoint has a value of 3.41¢. Category 1 has good value as well, but not enough data was available in our database to include it in the chart. Other categories are all close to the chain average.

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Elite status is offered in the SPG program after members stay a certain number of nights or complete a certain number of total stays. To earn “Gold” status, a member must complete 10 stays or 25 nights; for “Platinum” status 25 stays or 50 nights; and to reach the higher “Platinum 75” level, an extra 25 nights are needed.

Starwood also offer lifetime Gold and Platinum status after 5 or 10 years at these levels, and a total number of nights. More details can be found on the elite status page at SPG.


An elite amenity is offered which varies by brand. At Aloft, Elements and Four Points hotels this is 125 Starpoints for Gold and 250 for Platinum. At all other SPG hotels this is 250 Starpoints for Gold and 500 for Platinum. Note that these points are often offered as an alternative to other benefits, such as complimentary breakfasts.


Starwood has 9 hotel brands with an overall average star rating of 4.1; amongst the highest of the hotel chains.

The lower market end is represented by the Element, Aloft and Four Points brands, with average ratings of 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4 stars respectively. However the majority of the portfolio is in the over 4 star range, with the largest brand of Sheraton averaging 4.1 stars. Westin, W Hotels, Le Meridien, The Luxury Collection and St Regis then make up the sizeable luxury end of the portfolio.


Starwood has its largest presence in North America, with just over half of its 1200 hotels located there. It is however still well represented in Europe and Asia.

The budget hotels (Element, Aloft and Four Points) operate across these regions, but have a stronger penetration in North America. Of the higher brands, all are global, but Sheraton is particularly well spread across the operating regions.


Starwood’s 1200 hotels are split over 7 categories for redemption of award nights. The average number of Starpoints required for one night is 10.2K. The vast majority of the portfolio are in the low to midrange categories 2 to 5, requiring 3K up to 16K Starpoints per night. The maximum for the smaller number of properties in the highest category 7 is 35K per night.

The lowest two categories apply a lower points rate during weekends (2K and 3K Starpoints respectively). The highest categories (5 and above) work on seasonal pricing, with higher rates applying in defined peak season periods. It is also important to note that your 5th reward night is free when redeeming 4 reward nights at a property. Consult the “Moving on up” section at the bottom of the SPG Redemption Page for additional options and more details.

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